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K.LiddelCandleline specializes in hosting unique candle experiences where you gather to relax, drink wine, and create your own take home candles. These events provide an elegant atmosphere making them a perfect space for dates, friend gatherings, club outings, and meeting new people.

Aside from our experiences, K.Liddel Candleline is proud to offer a wide variety of candles that create elegance wherever they go.

Create beautiful, stunning, and memorable moments with us!

Designed Specifically With You In Mind...

At K.Liddel Candleline, we pride ourselves on making elegant candles and waxes accessible to everyone.
"Candle making is one of my passions. It started off as a hobby and transpired into a full blown business. My team and I have been developing and thriving in business for a year and look forward to many more. Our candles are handmade with coconut wax and all of our fragrances are safe for the body. Our scented candles are a way of relaxing the body, soul, and mind. We look forward to serving you elegance for every environment."

Music Video Feature

We are very excited to announce that K.LiddelCandleline products will be featured in an upcoming music video. K.LiddelCandleline hand-crafted each candle product for the set to create an elegant ambience and enhance the music!
Stay tuned for the release of the official music video!

Explore Our Business Concepts

We offer unique concepts that light up every room!
Yours awaits...

Snack, Sip, & Pour

Join us for our Snack, Sip, & Pour Candle Experience! Come by yourself, or bring a party, and enjoy fine wine, a relaxing and fun atmosphere, all while making your very own candles!

Candle On The Spot

K.Liddel Candleline is often at various locations throughout LA. Come visit our stand and create a customized candle that fits
you and your style!

Snack, Sip, & Pour

Tranquil Essence is a Massage Candleline that offers top of the line massage wax melts that smell amazing, and feel even better,
all while being healthy for the skin!

K.LiddelCandleline's Newest Candle Line - Sexual Identity

These candles have been recreated from flag form to bright and colorful fragrance candles to remind us to live our everyday lives with intent of authenticity and not who we’ve been forced or taught to be.
Meet the Host

A Message from K.Liddel

Hear from the host of all of the experiences.


"Thank you for checking my page out I really appreciate it. I started this with an idea that it would be the first product from a vision of a home decor line. Though it has taken some time, business is up and running with down falls and many lessons learned and still learning. My journey with candles started in my youth. I loved how fragranced candles could just change a mood in a heartbeat. Watching the flame melt the wax until the wax was all gone. It became a hobby of mine to smell candles wherever I would go, little did I know I would one day understand everything about that candle. Well here I am years later with the knowledge about those candles I sniffed as a young kid. Please check out my products there's more to come!"

Hear What Others Have to Say

Hear more about your future experience from others!

"This experience was so much fun, and out candles came out great! Kendric was so welcoming and extremely helpful. We had a wonderful time and would absolutely recommend this experience to anyone who is considering it."


"First of all Kendric is an absolute beam of light and he made us feel comfortable right away. It was so fun getting to know him and the space was lovely as well! I've never made a candle before... I love mine and can't wait to light it up. Will definitely come back!"


"Kendric was super knowledgeable and provided a chill run experience making candles. I highly recommend this for couples and friends. There's plenty of time to sip a little wine, talk, and enjoy each other's company in beautiful surroundings while also making a custom candle to take home."


Hear What Others Have to Say

Interested in creating candle products for your business or website? Book a consultation to sit down with K.Liddel and create a custom package just for you!

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