K.Liddel Skintopia is a body of naturally organic skin care products ranging from artistically designed soaps, body cremes, and candles that can essentially go on the skin that was formed for using healthier and organic ingredients when it comes to our beautiful skin. This line was created by the owner Kendric Sims. After I read about what was used in soaps I wanted to change that not knowing how or what could replace lye. Doing some shopping and having the God given idea that sprung into my head I was able to produce a product line that is phenomenal as well as healthy for the skin. These products are most definitely one of a kind. From the designs, recipes, and fragrances these must have healthier products.

Products Of Elegance...

K. Liddel Skintopia is a line of organically hand-crafted products that smell amazing, artistically designed all while being healthy and natural for the skin!

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