Tranquil Essence

Tranquil Essence is a Massage Candleline that was formed and branched of as we as part of the K.LiddelCandleline Brand. This line was created by none other than Tinisha Clark and Kendric Sims. Tinisha has been a accomplished massage therapist for decades now. She has owned her own parlor as well as become partners with other offices to expand her talents to the masses. Kendric Sims is the owner of K.LiddelCandleline  and in this connection they were able to produce a product that is Phenomenal as well as healthy for the skin. These products anyone can use to massage loved ones as well as in the professional field of Massage therapy!

Products Of Elegance...

Tranquil Essence is a Massage Candleline that offers top of the line massage wax melts that smell amazing, and feel even better, all while being healthy for the skin!

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4oz Massage Candle


Burner & Melt Bundle


Melt/Candle Combo


Onyx Bliss


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